Terms & Conditions

Directory for the use of the webstore

The using of the webstore doesn’t need any registration in case if the product from the shopping basket is sent for billing before one is escaping the webpage, and at the same time the purchasing is considered finished.
In case if somebody doesn’t want to end the purchasing before escaping the webpage then, just to save the content of the shopping basket, please feel free to register in our system. If you are a registered user the modifications in the content of the shopping basket will be saved, this way the shopping basket will be emptied only when it is sent for billing and in the same time the system will forward the order for delivery.
As registered user with joint shopping and delivery can be saved further expenses.

Our effort is to try to give the best to our customers’ neccessities so for this reason please write your experiences , suggestions under the Shopper Feedback menu to us. If you think our webstore is favorable to you, please don’t forget to mention it to your colleagues, aquintances and if it’s possible please send us your orders in form of joint purchasing

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